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1987 is G.V.F. S.p.A. year of establishment. The company will soon be known as Itely Hairfashion. Colorly (hair color cream) and Blondly (bleaching powder) make their first appearance. The market immediately appreciates their high quality and recognizes their superior results.
The company has shown a strong International market expansion strategy ever since the second year from its establishment; Itely North America, responsible for US, Mexican and Canadian market and Itely Iberica, whose business develops on Spanish, Portuguese and Spanish-language countries in Latin America, were born.
On November 18th1989, in presence of Milan mayor, the joint-venture with the Soviet Union Ministry of Social Services was signed. Bielita, currently known as one of the most important industrial and distributive trade reality of the ex Soviet empire, was born in Minsk.
Relying on the results achieved in the other countries, in 1990 it’s time for Brazil. Itely Hairfashion, with its local branch, is the first company to present an imported product on the hair color market. In a few years, thanks to an intense hairdresser educational activity, Itely Hairfashion becomes a reference point even for this market.
Year 1990. The attendance at one of the first editions of Hong Kong Fair allows Itely Hairfashion to create new partnerships. Thanks to a rich educational program, from that moment, Itely Hairfashion will constantly and progressively expand on the Far East countries.
From 1993 to 1994 the start-up of a new factory on a 12000 mq area near Milan enhances company growth by increasing the productive capacity. The new think tank, supplied with the most modern equipment, starts creating groundbreaking products for the hair care market. That’s why Itey Hairfashion launched Ondasoft, a thioglycolate-free perm. Its rich, protective and nourishing formula, together with an almost neutral pH, turns out to be a unique waving “instrument” for hairdressers.
The expansion on the International markets continues. Between 1995 and 1998, from Australia to Iceland, many distributive trades are established. The business on the European continent becomes tangible when the English branch is founded: Itely UK is born. It will be in charge of distribution in UK and Ireland.
After a several-year-long business on the Chinese market, in 2000 Itely Hairfashion opens a new branch in Shanghai. The objective is to manage directly the distribution on the Chinese market. In a few months, the brand Colorly becomes familiar also to the hairdressers of the “Asian Giant”.
The next year the constant research activity, the incessant tests carried out and the advancement in technological know-how generate an outstanding result: Colorly Advanced Formula - hair color cream featuring high treatment power and final result of the newest discoveries of R&D - is born. The usage of new generation pigments, together with the presence of protective factors, makes Colorly A.F. a one of a kind formula.
The start-up of a branch in Dubai, in UAE, in 2002, turns into the “Gate” to the Middle East. Solid distribution agreements are established in rapid succession in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Especially in Iraq, because of the war, Itely Hairfashion has a dominating position. As a matter of fact, Itely Hairfashion was one of the very few companies who managed but also strongly wanted to stand at the hairdressers’ side also during those terribly awful moments.
Between 2005 and 2007 many new lines have been launched. Among them, Purity Design and the restyling of Advanced Color Protection system thathas been immediately appreciated both by the Italian and International customers. Then, Superstudio Grooming has been bought. This building has a big salon, a photo shooting set, an academy and a theatre for shows. Soon it will be born a Spa with fitness areas, solarium and wellness center.
In 2007, the new American headquarter has been opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The building includes wide directive offices, a distributorship center and an academy. But the day that better signed the 20th year of Itely Hairfashion’s life has been the International Hair World Collection 2007. Famous Italian stylists, important names coming from USA, China, Spain, Brazil, Russia and UK and some artists by Circ du Soleil were the protagonists of the show. But the day that better signed another step to the international success that Itely Hairfashion gets everyday allover the world.
2007 was the year signed another step to the international success that Itely Hairfashion gets everyday allover the world.