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Technical services are the most valuable hairstylist ally because it strengthens the bond between stylist and costumer and offers the most significant opportunity for continued salon revenue growth. But technical service is not only Color. Once women could be naturally curly or naturally straight for a lifetime.

Then everything changed. Permanent and Ironing treatments were born. Often aggressive and damaging, the products of the past evolved to reflect the refusal of the modern salon client to sacrifice healthy hair condition and shine to achieve permanent changes in texture.

Today every woman and man can choose his or her desired texture from curls to waves or perfectly straight and feel confident that their hair will remain healthy and strong.

Proshape by Itely Hair Fashion represents the most advanced technology available in permanent texture services with a FULL RANGE of professional products for SERVICE and MAINTENANCE to optimize condition, definition and durability of the permanent wave or relaxer service. Fashion trends are always in change, define cuts alternates with soft shapes, linear ones with multitexturing.

PERSONALIZE YOUR LOOK with the most exclusive line of texture products available for your salon.

A new way – A new look from Itely Hair Fashion

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