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Product quality must be built during the production process, not only monitoring the final results but also the various production phases. For this reason, the company has earned two important certifications ISO 22716 is the international certification specific to cosmetic manufacturers and sets guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products to guarantee high safety and hygiene-health standards for consumers.
ISO 9001:2008 represents the corporate quality management system certification for all industries. ACCREDIA guarantees that all marked test and inspection reports and certificates are issued according to the most stringent international conformity evaluation requirements. SGS conducts GMP Cosmetics audits (Good Manufacturing Practices) suited for cosmetics and ensures compliance with the relevant standards or those required by the final product market.
Furthermore, Itely Hairfashion actively promotes its GREEN INITIATIVE project since it is committed to creating its products in full respect for the environment, using renewable energy, eliminating waste and recycling 99% of its processing waste within its production sites. In this logic, only suppliers, partners and associates who share the same corporate ethics are part of the Itely Hairfashion world. Not only that: Itely uses suppliers located as near as possible to the production sites to reduce the environmental impact due to material transport.