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Italy is, and always has been, home of beauty, art and talent. Cradle of artists who, by their works, were able to give to our country a fundamental role in the definition of “masterpiece”. Beauty cannot be conceived without a contribution of the artist’s creative talent. It would be like having a masterpiece forgotten in a drawer.

“Purity Design Masterpiece” aims to satisfy this requirement: providing hairstylists, true artists of style, with all the necessary tools to create authentic works of art. The hairstylist is a beauty creator, an artist that, with Purity Design Masterpiece, has the ideal tools for creating his masterpiece: an unmistakable and unique style. Itely Hairfashion style. It is the result of a careful selection of knowledge that, respecting the great tradition of our country, can only give extraordinary outcomes. Which ones? Sculpted, shaped, brilliant looks. True masterpieces made in Itely.

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Style And Hair Products: Innovation And Performance

Each client has different expectations and needs and, to obtain the desired result, many factors must be taken into account: the type of hair, the capillary structure, the state of health of the scalp, the sensitivity of the skin. Whether you want to create a perfect straight look, a soft ringlet or a defined curl, it is essential to know how to choose the most suitable solution for an ideal result.

Itely Hairfashion hair styling products are indispensable allies for every hairdresser precisely because they respond to every specific need and allow the hairstylist to best express his talent.

Our company has created innovative and high-performance styling products, which guarantee maximum effectiveness in the result but which, at the same time, allow the hair to be protected from the action of hot tools and from atmospheric stress such as humidity, smog and UV rays, providing hydration and shine.

Curly And Straight Hair Styling Products

Itely Hairfashion's line of styling products, the Purity Design Masterpiece is highly regarded by professionals in the sector. Alongside the hairdresser in creating true works of art, the solutions proposed by Itely Hairfashion are suitable for all hold requirements, from the lightest to the extra-strong. extra strong. In our catalog there are styling products from ultra-light hold to very fixative ones to create personalized looks, ready to respond to any specific need.

All our styling products have been made with the utmost respect for raw materials and with the use of the most recent scientific and technological innovations. Our lacquers guarantee a sculpted and modeled look, never artificial, without affecting the health of the hair. The mousses have been designed to assist the stylist in creating perfect curls, our gel allows for spectacular hairstyles, especially in short cuts. Waxes are the ideal solution, however, to give light and brilliance and obtain an enviable glamorous effect. We have really thought of everything to support you in creating a perfect hairstyle.

Discover Itely Hairfashion styling products and embrace all the quality of Made in Italy!