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Itely Hairfashion committed to the initiative for a better world has created this new Delyton Advanced product line that respects the hair, the skin and above all the environment.

It is an innovative ammonia-free tone-on-tone coloring-treatment based on Phyto Conditioning Complex® to color all hair types delicately in a range of full and luminous reflections.

It has infinite chromatic combinations to obtain multi-faceted and extremely bright colors. Maximum silkiness and softness of the hair thanks to the completely vegetable ingredients contained in the innovative Phyto Conditioning Complex® and with the emollient properties of Silk Proteins.


Phyto Conditioning Complex® is an exclusive vegetal bio-lipid complex that penetrates inside the capillary fiber, creating with the keratin a highly resistant molecular structure, which improves the hydration and elasticity of the hair. The natural active ingredients guarantee scalp protection and provide exceptional softness to the hair.

Silk Proteins, penetrate in the hair, delicately giving it an enviable softness, while reinforcing from the inside leaving the hair protect and hydrated.

The Exclusive Color Pigments bind to hair fibers ensuring a perfect color balance for all the desired reflections, the color will be more intense and brilliant, with optimal coverage of the first white hair.

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