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Aquarely is Itely Hairfashion's exclusive permanent coloring system. Behind the products in the line are innovative formulas which are the result of extremely advanced scientific research. These ensure that the process is carried out as well as possible and to ensure beautiful and healthy hair and scalp. Aquarely offers hairdressers around the world the perfect tool to fully express their creativity and artistry. Hair will have a long-lasting shine, more uniform color and will be healthier, well-nourished and full-bodied, becoming softer more silky and hydrated.


INTENSE MICRO PIGMENTS - The Intense Micro Pigments are micro-emulsified nano-pigments able to deeply penetrate into the keratin cavities and bind to the hair fibers. A major advantage which derives from the use of this innovative technology, is the reduction of the already low ammonia content thanks to the small size pigments that requires only a partial opening of the cuticle, thus increasing its cosmeticity.

WHEAT PROTEINS - Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins play a conditioning and restructuring action, thus protecting the scalp and the capillary fibers, giving softness and smoothness to the hair. In addition, they have effective anti-oxidants properties, reducing the formation of free radicals.

LAVANDER ESSENTIAL OIL - The delicate Lavender Essential Oil finds its best application in the capillaries treatment, where the calming and soothing properties allow the use of the decolorizing powder even when applied on the more sensitive scalp.

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But what does Made in Italy mean?;

Thinking of Italy means to imagine any form of art, any type of expression of creativity. From the most magnificent monuments to the more avant-garde architecture, from the most famous masters of canvas and stone to the most extravagant street artists, from luxurious high fashion collections to prêt-à-porter trends. Italy represents a blend of art, elegance, creativity, taste and style.

To what do we owe the inspiration of the name ?

Watercolor is a painting technique that involves the use of finely ground pigments diluted in water. It is known for its speed and represents the best technique for those who want to express their creativity through a simple gesture. Aquarely is the full expression of creativity, the intrinsic value of the artisan product blended with the most advanced technology, the uniqueness of customized color.