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ProColorist, the product of advanced research conducted at the Itely Hairfashion laboratories, provides hair stylists with effective support for their specialized services.

A synergetic line of advanced products which give professional results and meet the expectations of even the most demanding client, those who now tend to look for the reassurance of quality.

Thanks to its special formula, ProColorist protects scalp and hair from the harshness of specialized treatments, providing in-depth hydration, vibrant colors and making hair stronger and shinier. ProColorist products also benefit from an especially innovative pack that Itely Hairfashion has been the first firm in the sector to adopt in its hair care products.

This is Softips Cap, a special device for applying silicone that makes the colorist's work easier and ensures maximum safety during use, including when delicate and precise application is required.


HYALU COLORPLEX: derived from hyaluronic acid, it penetrates deep into the hair shaft. It smoothes the hair cuticles immediately adding light. the anti-ageing properties of hyaluronic acid add body and volume to the hair. Frizz is eliminated adding light and discipline.

AC COLORPLEX: ultra protective active ingredient based on Melanin and Wasabia Japonica. It neutralizes the damage of free radical and protects color from fading. Thanks to its barrier effect, its defends hair from the oxidizing effect of UV rays. Its powerful moisturizing effect leaves hair surprisingly soft.

SILKY A.S.: (Silky Advanced System) an emulsion based on silk protein with its amazing rebuilding power. It eliminates frizz; hair is easy to style and does not break. It brings incredible softness and control to hair making it easier to style.

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