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Itely Hairfashion is proud to sponsor Power Volley Milano, the Milanese club which in the 2014-15 season made its debut in the SuperLegA UnipolSai, the top league in Italian men’s volleyball.
Power Volley Milano is the latest step in an ambitious project which traces its roots back to the summer of 2010, created by ex-players, coaches and managers such as Carlos Rasores and Marco Collini, who have always been involved in the world of national and regional volleyball. With the help of the president Lucio Fusaro, Powervolley Milano 2.0 played the most recent seasons in the SuperLega, the highest league in Italian volleyball.
The objective of the Powervolley project is to bring back the volleyball “that matters” to the Milan stage. Milan has thousands of fans for the sport and has always hosted the most important national and international events, from the World League to the final phase of the 2014 Women’s World Championship. At the same time, the company continues to work on two of the foundations of the initiative: the Powervolley Net network, which involves more than twenty clubs with the aim of promoting and developing junior volleyball throughout the province of Milan and the “Old Stars” team, which provides the link with the great past of Milanese volleyball. Next season, as we wait for the work at Milan’s PalaLido to be completed, the Powervolley Revivre will train and play its games at the PalaYamamay, in via Gabardi 2 in Busto Arsizio, Varese.