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Colorly Optimus is the exclusive permanent oxidation cream coloring enriched with the exclusive &-Plex BOND REPAIR™, a complex of precious vegetable oils and butters, which helps to improve the brightness and resistance of the hair, making it stronger and healthier . The formula also contains the Mediterranean Blend, an innovative phytocomplex of Italian fruits created by selecting different plants, organic grape skins from Emilia, Sicilian lemons, apples from Trentino, organic wheat bran from the Po valley, in order to guarantee high quality raw material. The Mediterranean Blend helps to improve the shine of the hair by reducing the deposit of heavy minerals present in the water. It also protects the color result by sealing the cuticles, limiting color loss due to washing.

The molar formula, the low ammonia content, the creamy texture offer maximum color performance, superior protection of the hair fiber and the restoration of bonds while nourishing the hair to obtain a brilliant and long-lasting colour. Lasting and flawless results. The coverage of gray hair (even the most refractory ones) is guaranteed and tested.

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