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Blondy by Itely Hairfashion is the new lightening cream that can lighten hair by up to 7 shades in complete safety. Its formula, with the valuable additions of argan and jojoba oil, protects hair during treatment and gives a brilliant finish. The product adheres perfectly to the hair for more uniform results and is suitable for all lightening techniques. Its creamy consistency helps it mix more quickly with the oxidizing emulsion, producing a rich, homogeneous paste and making it easier to apply.


The Blondly Bleaching Cream formula has two secrets: while it acts, two precious oils, Argan and Jojoba, protect the hair fi bre and leave the hair incredibly soft.

Argan Oil also known as “desert gold”, obtained from pressing the fruit of the Argan plant, which grows in southwest Morocco; its extraordinary nourishing and restorative properties make it a precious ally for the beauty of the hair.

Jojoba Oil rich in natural antioxidants, it contains vitamin E and minerals that protect and hydrate the hair fi bre without hindering the action of the technical service, for truly impeccable results and splendid hair.

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